For many years most of Britain has been farmed unsustainably.  Now many of us are waking up to damage this has done to our wildlife, our carbon footprint and the wider environment.   Farm Wilder’s mission is to work with livestock farmers to fundamentally change the way we produce meat and dairy in the UK, so that farming is sustainable, and helps to regenerate soils and restore wildlife.


You’ve probably heard about the decline of British wildlife, how once common species like hedgehogs, sparrows and many butterflies and bees have become extremely rare.  Much of that is down to how we farm.  Because almost three quarters of Britain is farmed, the only way to bring back wildlife on a really significant scale is to change how we farm.  Farm Wilder works with farmers to improve habitats for wildlife right across their farms, and encourages them to farm less intensively by paying a better price for their produce.


Intensive livestock farming - the system behind most British food - contributes to climate change in many ways, including the loss of carbon from degraded soils and methane emissions from the animals themselves.  Our regenerative livestock farming is very different, and can be part of the solution.  The beef and lamb are 100% pasture-fed, grazed on rich herbs, grasses, legumes and forage just as nature intended.  The fields require very little fertilizer, and the animals don’t need to be fed soya or other grains that come at a high environmental cost.  This way of farming restores soil health and locks carbon back into the soil.  Planting trees and hedges captures even more carbon, creates better habitat for wildlife, and improves the welfare and diet of farm animals.


Creating a way for you to purchase our extraordinary meat is a small but vital step forwards - it means you can directly support farmers that are working to deliver the change we need.  That’s why we’ve partnered with Andy Gray, of Elston Farm and MC Kelly butchers, allowing us to use his master butchers and online sales platform to deliver our meat right to your door.

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