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Intensive farming has driven the steep decline in British wildlife, polluted rivers and damaged our soils.  Regenerative livestock farming can reverse these problems whilst producing high quality meat sustainably. Farm Wilder exists to support the transition to farming that works with nature.


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Farm Wilder is a Community Interest Company, a not-for-profit working at the intersection of rewilding and regenerative agriculture. We are a small team with a big network of partners - farmers, abattoirs, butchers, charities and institutions - reshaping farming and supply chains.



Farm Wilder partners with master butchers MC Kelly in Crediton to offer home delivery of our superbly sustainable and flavoursome beef, lamb, pastured poultry and wild-shot venison from Forestry England sites.  Visit our online shop to find out more.


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Farm Wilder champions livestock farming in South West England that is regenerative, 100% pasture fed and actively restoring wildlife. We work with farmers to develop sustainable farm businesses and secure a fairer price for their animals, with butchers to support them in building better meat into their supply chains, and with restaurants, pubs, universities, caterers and food producers to help them sell and promote high quality wildlife-friendly meat.

Why Farm Wilder is Different


Our cattle and sheep are 100% pasture fed throughout their lives. This means they meet all their nutritional needs from the forage naturally produced in their local environment – grasses, herbs, legumes and browse from trees and hedgerows. No imported soya from degraded landscapes, and no cereals that could be better used for feeding humans.



Increasing wildlife on farms is at the root of all we do at Farm Wilder. We know that livestock can be a positive part of their environment, reared within thriving ecosystems. Our mission is to make this a reality across the British countryside - that’s why we work with farmers to restore habitats and bring back our lost biodiversity.

Supporting Biodiversity

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Livestock farming can be incredibly damaging, but done well, 100% pasture-fed cattle and sheep can be a force for good.  Our standards set out how meadows, pastures, hedges, field margins and other areas of the farm should be managed.  They ensure that Farm Wilder producers are driving positive change across their entire farm systems.

Our Standards

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