Pasture Fed Beef

Our beef comes from farms that are conserving and restoring the old and wildly diverse pastures that support much of our rarest and most endangered wildlife, from cuckoos through to marsh fritillary butterflies. We share with our farmers a simple philosophy; that the best beef comes from the richest environments, where the cattle can grow slowly on a diet of herbs, legumes, grasses and tree browse. In return, the animals play a crucial role in creating diverse and resilient ecosystems, and regenerating healthy, carbon rich soils.


Pasture Fed Lamb

Our sheep farmers graze their animals on flower rich pastures around the northern edge of Dartmoor, where they mature slowly on a varied diet of herbs, grasses and trees. We take an approach of restoration and regeneration, working with the farmers to mimic nature’s patterns and create a holistic environment for the livestock through agroforestry, grazing rotations and herbal leys. This way the sheep are helping regenerate the land and restore wildlife in abundance while producing fantastic meat with a rich and complex flavoured that is enhanced by dry aging.


Wilder Chicken

We’re starting from scratch with our chicken. No more chicken manure polluting rivers. No more additives or hormones. And no more miserable birds in artificial environments. Instead, we know that if given the chance chickens can be a valuable part of their farmed ecosystem, foraging on diverse crops that pump nitrogen and carbon into the ground and regenerate the soil biology. As the life below ground returns the rest begins to follow, first the insects and then the birds that feed on them. And the more wildlife returns, the more varied and natural the diet of the chickens becomes.


Wilder Venison

Wild venison is the most sustainable meat you can buy.  In the absence of predators Britain’s deer have boomed, and as a result they now damage the woodland and hedgerow habitats that many wild animals need, including dormice, nightingales and rare butterflies like silver-washed fritillaries.  To restore wildlife, deer need to be culled, creating a plentiful supply of this wonderful meat.  All our venison is from roe, fallow and red deer sourced from Forestry England sites throughout the South West of England, where it is professionally and humanely shot using lead-free ammunition.  Venison is a unique and interesting meat, the wild forage they eat develops into mouth-watering flavours, with lean and tender textures. It is extremely versatile, low in fat, high in protein and will easily replace red meat in any recipe.